Fountain Garden Restoration Program
The Hamilton Park Conservancy in conjunction with the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association recently worked to have the fountain gardens replanted.  Theo Hoerr of Terrain Work volunteered his time to redesign the gardens with plants that require minimal maintenance, can handle the park’s light and water conditions, and would provide color and interest in during each season.  We are looking forward to each new season of the gardens!

Lawn Renovation Program
Hamilton Park was beautifully renovated as a ‘passive park’ in 2010.  Over the years it has remained the centerpiece of the community, enjoyed by an ever-increasing number of residents and schools in the neighborhood.  Soon the lawns started to show fatigue from constant use, grass disappeared where it was once lush, and the soil became compacted and unable to be successfully seeded.

The Hamilton Park Conservancy worked with the neighborhood and the Jersey City Department of Public Works’ Division of Parks and Forestry, to map out a long-term plan in the summer of 2015 to renovate the tired and overused lawn of Hamilton Park — a project which included tree trimming, improving the irrigation system, rehabilitating the grass, and effectively communicating with the neighborhood.   In the fall of 2015, the HPC led efforts to get trees on the south side of the Park, and in March 2016 started the renovation of one of the most damaged lawns on the northwest side of the Park later moving to a second quadrant.

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