First Annual Hamilton Park Open Tennis Tournament & Family Fun Day

Hamilton Park
Saturday, September 10, 2016
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Hosted by the Hamilton Park Conservancy 
Co-organized by USTA Eastern and TennisApproach

All are invited to come and participate as players or observers in The Hamilton Park Open, hosted by the Hamilton Park Conservancy. The style of play will be a short-court, round robin with a maximum of 60 players of all ages. Over 1000 people are expected to attend.

About the tennis…

This event is designed to get all ages and levels to compete in a low pressure setting and promote a sense of achievement through a fun and spirited atmosphere. All matches will be played on short courts using low compression tennis balls. Players will go through a rotation of opponents and play continuous matches over a two- to three-hour period, and scoring will be short sets. There will be additional rotations during the day depending on the total number of players. We will count each game of every set played from all the rotations at the end of the day, and the highest scorer will win. If there is a tie, a play-off match will decide the winner!

Please contact Jocelyn Cruz for additional details.

Sponsorship of the Hamilton Park Open will benefit the Hamilton Park Conservancy, which is committed to continuing its Lawn Renovation Program and to maintaining its two tennis courts which are enjoyed by all residents of downtown Jersey City. Hamilton Park Conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission of maintaining and preserving the five-acre Victorian-era park in the historic district of Hamilton Park in downtown Jersey City.

All contributions will make a big difference for Hamilton Park. Leading up to the first annual Family Tennis, we have the opportunity for you to experience a chance of a lifetime. Win TWO invitations to the President’s Suite for the US Open!

The Hamilton Park Conservancy has received a donation from the USTA of one pair of invitations to the President’s Suite for the 2016 US Open Tennis Championships, to be used for one day session Monday through Friday of the first week of the Open (August 29 – September 2).

The 2016 US Open Tennis Championships will take place on August 29th- September 11. The President Suite is a great experience that features a two-story luxury suite on the south side of Arthur Ashe Stadium, means more than watching world-class tennis from some great baseline seats. It’s a complete emersion to an ultimate experience of elegance, full service, fine wines, and dining, and a private entrance.

The Raffle has ended: Sunday, August 21, 11:59pm

The members of the Hamilton Park Open Event Committee are Jocelyn Cruz, Mamta Singh, Jim Alfalla and Mira Prinz Arey. For more information about the event or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, please email Mira at:

Thank you to our sponsors